Getting involved is easy!

You can choose to pledge a single amount or get sponsorship for the amount of metres you row.

Money raised will be split between The Exeter Chiefs Foundation & Plan UK.


To join the challenge decide on the distance you can row and click here.

If you’re not sure how far you can go in a month here’s some suggested distances:

Monthly distance Daily distance Estimated rowing time per day
31,000 1,000m per day 3m – 5m
100,000 3,226m per day 11m – 16m
250,000 8,065m per day 30m – 40m
500,000 16,130m per day 60m – 90m
1,000,000 32,260m per day 2hrs  – 2hrs 45m

So, for example, if you think you can manage 30 mins of rowing a day you should pledge a target of around 250,000 metres (ie, almost the length of the River Trent). However, your speed will depend on your level of fitness and how many efforts you split the distance up with.


How long will my exact daily distance take me?

To work out more precisely how long different distances will take you at your chosen speeds you can use this online pace calculator.


  • Exeter to Bristol 105,000 metres
  • Exeter to London 254,000 metres
  • Plymouth to Paris 506,000 metres
  • Southampton to Milan 1,000,000 metres

Work out how long your row will take.

Distances in relation to the rivers we are navigating

  • Exe (84,000 meters)
  • Tyne (100,000 meters)
  • River Dee (110,000 meters)
  • Mersey River (112,000 meters)
  • River Avon (120,000 meters)
  • Trent (297,000 meters)
  • Thames (346,000 meters)
  • Severn (354,000 meters)
  • Shannon (361,000 meters)
  • Tiber (406,000 meters)
  • Po (682,000 meters)
  • Rhone (812,000 meters)
  • Loire (1,012,000 meters)
  • Rhine (1,236,000 meters)
  • Ural (2,428,000 meters)
  • Danube (2,860,000 meters)
  • Volga (3,692,000 meters)


You can join in with #Janurow2016 anywhere there’s a rowing machine. So you need never leave the comfort of your own home or regular gym.

We will also have a number of rowing machines available at Fitness Matters Exeter, in a private studio.

For corporate entry rowing machines can also be hired here.

Log in to start clocking your miles!

This year we are happy to announce an online platform on which you can log in and upload the miles you've rowed so we can keep our map up-to-date.