The History of Janurow

In 2014 Sam Blythe and Shane Kingsland took on a huge challenge rowing a total of 2 million meters between them through the month of January.

Sam was looking for a challenge. Having watched others do some amazing things to raise money for charity, he decided that rowing 1 million meters would be something that could be fit into a busy schedule.

Shane had just recovered from a knee injury, and dove head first into the challenge.

Both were looking at an impressive 32,258 meters daily to be rowed, just over 20 miles.

Sam and Shane completed their 1 million meters before the end of last year’s challenge and kept on going.

Their main target was to get many more people involved and together everyone rowed just over 10,000,000 meters. Raising money for Sam and Shane’s two favourite charities; Plan UK and Dream-A-Way.

The impressive feat they set themselves captured their imaginations and next year they were back with Janurow 2015 – the bid to circumnavigate the UK on rowing machines.

With teams jumping onboard and an air of friendly competition they breathed some fun and purpose into everyone’s January fitness promises and are now back for Janurow 2016 – The Rivers of Europe.

To join in with #Janurow2016 sign in here and get rowing!


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