Whether fitness is your passion, hobby or simply a tool to help you fight off those unwanted pounds, being fit and healthy needs to be part of your lifestyle. At Fitness Matters we will tailor training at our private gym to help you determine what changes will help you achieve your goals, focusing on the most suitable service for you.


Muscle gain or fat loss? Nutrition for sport or general health? Correct nutrition is a vital part of maintaining a healthy body. Eating the right foods in the right amounts at the right times produces optimal nutritional health. We offer first class nutritional advice and guidance tailored for the individual.


Following an informal free consultation, programmes are designed for the individual, based either at our completely private gym or at your home. Each and every factor is considered from body composition and gender to lifestyle and goals. These factors help us in designing a varied programme perfect for you.


This is our most popular service as most people are trying to target fat loss. We help you understand the principles of weight loss through eating correctly. A combination of nutritional advice, training techniques and sensible lifestyle choices can help achieve your best possible results.


We can help you whether you are a serious athlete or just a hobbyist. Fitness Matters can improve strength and endurance at all levels using experience from years of training and techniques learned from other leading coaches.


Our programmes are not only aimed at the competitive individual, but also those wishing to make exercise a part of their healthy and active lifestyle. As we get older many of us slow down and become less active. As it happens regular exercise becomes more important as we mature and our nutritional needs change vastly.


Conditioning and fitness training is stress, not mental stress, but adaptive body stress. We must put our bodies under a certain amount of stress to increase physical capabilities. Our programmes are designed to help you make progress without compromising your limits.


Fitness is invaluable when you are running a business and can have huge benefits for you and your members of staff. Having a fit and healthy workforce means less sick days and more productive work. Exercise can enhance your business by easing the stress of day-to-day duties, providing a much needed break to clear your mind, keeping you focused and more decisive. Exercise also gives you more energy, motivation and confidence. Speak to us about the full range of benefits our sessions have on your business and read some real results opposite … because business matters.

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